Sunday, February 5, 2017

Controlling NeoPixels with a Webserver on an ESP8266

Esp 8266 NeoPixel Webserver


I always wanted one of those fancy LED stripes that you can control with your mobile or tablet. Should be easy to install, lightweight and customiseable.
Well, my brother-in-law is fascinated of this topic as I am. And Christmas was at our doorstep. So what better to do than try to build him a DIY-light.
Well getting started with it was quite frustrating. And it took me quite a while to figure out how it is done since this was my fist contact with the ESP8266.
After I posted a video of the result on FB, I was getting many requests for a manual to this.

Shopping List

Before soldering it to a PCB, I prototyped it on a breadboard. Here is everything you'll need.

  • 2x Breadboard 400 Pins
  • Logic Level Shifter (3V to 5V)
  • NodeMCU Esp8266
  • Breadboard Power supply
  • Jumper Wire
  • Neopixel (W2812b) Stripe

HowTo Video

Here is a step-by-step video how it is made.


Posted the Code on Bitbucket (it's like Github). There you can find the source code and wiring.


The level shifter might not be necessary. The NeoPixel stripe could also work with 3.3 V on the command line. But it would be best if the difference between supply voltage and command voltage would not be so high.
And be aware not to power a whole NeoPixel stripe from your controller. On other Projects I blew up two Arduino Nano.