Monday, March 25, 2019

The IoT TeaMaker


A wave of flu hit my hometown. And I wasn't spared. So my drink of choice for about three weeks was tea. I remembered how I saw a video, years ago, where someone used an Arduino Uno and a servo to dip a teabag into a cup. Well, it shouldn't be so hard to make a similar project with an ESP8266, should it?


Well, since I felt too sick to go outside, I took, what I've found in the basement. I still got some SG90 servos. And for the stand I used some angle brackets, which I fixed with some zip ties. As an arm for the servo, I found some plastic tongue depressors.


Quite simple. You can use the same 5V input for powering the servo and the NodeMcu. All you need is to select a digital pin for the servo. Any pin will do, since every digital pin on the NodeMcu has PWM capability.


Maker Faire

The IoT TeaMaker was first featured at the Maker Faire Ruhr 2019 in Dortmund, Germany. Everyone could see the TeaMaker in action and try it for themselves.



SG90 Servo
Tongue depressor
Angle Brackets
Junction box

Source code

Source code @ Bitbucket